I wish that I was at better at remembering small things like the last nights leftovers, but most of the time It’s too late... Maybe the hummus is still good. 


Fourstring Beer Co. Poster

Here is a little snippet of a poster I am working on for the Fourstring Brewing Co. Poster show in April. I just sent the files off today and couldnt be more excited to warp this one up! 


Skull and plants


This piece is a side project exploring form, style and composition. I had to channel the creative expertise from the the “skulls and plants” pro: Logan Shmitt I can’t imagine that I will be drawing too many more of these types of pieces, I’ll leave that to Logan. (seriously, his stuff is crazy good)
Instead of New Year’s resolutions, I always set new creative goals for myself. Last year my goal was to introduce a more illustrative approach into my work. I feel pretty good about that progress and have been trying to sneak more of it in whenever I can on each project. .
I committed to a few illustration based projects in 2017 to build up my illustration chops. However, coming into the new year I want to really dig in and see where I can take it. Which brings me to to my resolution…Just make A LOT MORE STUFF.


Also have to give a huge shoutout to True Grit Texture Supply and Kindred Studio for supplying the best and most user friendly brushes out there. Especially on the halftones.

The Two of wands

I am always on the hunt for new inspiration. Those pieces of art and life that make me want to make more stuff. Recently I started getting into and studying the work of engravings, woodcuts and linoleum block . I happened upon some Mexican woodcuts from the early 1900’s and haven’t been able to get enough. 

For the Wonderball Tarot card project I chose the Two of Wands and I thought it would be the perfect chance to apply some of the stuff I’ve learned and of course, I’m always looking for a new reason to draw a skull.


Valhalla-day Linocut

My first linocut. I started screen printing 7 years ago. Since that time I’ve been obsessed with analog process and have always tried to bring parts of that into my work. I’ve also been trying to figure out a way to make limited run art prints without breaking the bank. Thanks to @strawcastle for inspiring me to carve!



If you know me then you know that I’m not really big on drinking. It’s not that I’m against it or that I am trying to make some sort of statement by sitting out. I choose not to because it just isn’t for me. A lot of people have a difficult time understanding that and usually need some sort of explanation. There isn’t one.


Mug Mug Mug

Inspired by international coffee day and the Descendents 


Mural WIP

Working my buns off to beat the winter weather. Really excited to share the finished mural. 


Beautiful words

Over the last several weeks I have been working on my submission for the Beautiful Words poster art show. The quote below is taken from the movie Gummo, which explores the lives of the citizens of Xenia, Ohio after a devastating tornado ravages through the town. The Narrator whispers this quote at the beginning of the film, setting the dark, but somehow still hopeful tone that resonates throughout the film. If you haven't see it, it's pretty weird but I still recommend checking it out. 

Beautiful words is hosted at Blockfort and sponsored by the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts. The show Opens April 2nd and runs until the end of the month. 

Skull practice

Skull study. Always trying new textures and techniques. Hope to do something else with this bad boy in the future!