Skull and plants


This piece is a side project exploring form, style and composition. I had to channel the creative expertise from the the “skulls and plants” pro: Logan Shmitt I can’t imagine that I will be drawing too many more of these types of pieces, I’ll leave that to Logan. (seriously, his stuff is crazy good)
Instead of New Year’s resolutions, I always set new creative goals for myself. Last year my goal was to introduce a more illustrative approach into my work. I feel pretty good about that progress and have been trying to sneak more of it in whenever I can on each project. .
I committed to a few illustration based projects in 2017 to build up my illustration chops. However, coming into the new year I want to really dig in and see where I can take it. Which brings me to to my resolution…Just make A LOT MORE STUFF.


Also have to give a huge shoutout to True Grit Texture Supply and Kindred Studio for supplying the best and most user friendly brushes out there. Especially on the halftones.