Not always, but, every once in a while some really great, nationally recognized, designers will come through Columbus, Ohio and offer up a little bit of insight into how they got where they are and how they do what they do. Recently, poster designer/illustrator team DKNG rolled through the CSCA meet up at Gateway Film center. They had a poster pop-up shop where dozens of fans and fellow designers crowded around. They brought their best work and a friendly attitude. 


As a former screen printer I was floored by the quality and detail applied to each print and we even chatted about process and logistics a bit. They brought over 20 different prints to sell which made my choice difficult to say the least. I had it narrowed down between space and camping…I opted for the former because, well, I have a thing for space stuff. 




There was a short introduction and a drawing for a chance to win a poster. And wouldn't you know it, I won the camping themed poster from their explorer club series! 


During the talk Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman took turns speaking about their backstory, rise to fame and process. After it was all over they even had a little time for some Q&A. 

Over all, this is one of the best design related talks that I have ever been to. These guys are humble, hard working designers that just want to make good work for good people. I couldn't help but to admire how they are so transparent about process and their willingness to share. If anybody deserves to be in such a good place, it’s these guys. 


Check out more of their work at: