Design resources

If you are a collector, like many other designers, than I’m certain that your bookmarks are overflowing with links to how-to videos, new placeholder text or mock ups for presentations.

Looking for new resources and learning opportunities is part of the job during those non-billable hours and should be. Expanding your design vocabulary in those off hours will help you to be more efficient during client work, and over time, make you, yourself a resource for other people.

Below, I have compiled a short list of the resources that I use on a regular basis.



How to:


Excellent class-based learning. Most of the courses are high quality and focus on one or two techniques. They offer everything from marketing to technical tips on file prep. 


Mt. Mograph

This guy has saved my ass more times than I can count. He has some of the best motion graphics tutorials out there. He even works with developers to create custom plug-ins and tools that are fairly priced (they also include free updates for life) 



The Noun Project

The noun project is a community dedicated to creating pictographs and icons for just about anything imaginable. Most of them have a creative commons license for free use. A good source for inspiration if you aren't looking to download. 


Social Good Ipsum or Meet the ipsums

Lorem ipsum sit amet....We get it. Here are some alt solutions when you need real words to make the content feel a bit more complete. 



If you are on Adobe CC and you aren't using this, then I don't know what to tell you. They offer an overwhelming amount choices for your project. However, not all of them are available for download to your machine. 


Inspiration and design thinking:

AIGA eye on design

Keep up on some of the best new designers and projects. This is one of my daily sites for inspiration and design news. 


Under consideration

Great resource for inspiration. They publish a few blogs under this title including Brand New which focuses on the good the bad and the ugly of the brand world. 



These guys are incredible. They publish books and a quarterly magazine on top of the website, they always deliver fresh articles on design thinking and process. 


This is only the beginning so keep checking  back for more links to resources