Type scale references

When I start a new project I always start with a few basic decisions: grid, type styles, color and image treatment. These things can change based on the content, but I like to at least have a place to start. One big part of initial layout exploration is type scale. For the purposes of this post I will define type scale as the relationship between size and weight of type used whether they are similar or contrasting. There are many determining factors to solving this problem and there isn't one solution. However, to make my life easier I tend to start with perfect 4th, augmented 4th or perfect 5th intervals. 

If you are clueless as to what all this means, paying a visit to Type-scale.com will clear it up pretty quickly. Although I love this tool, I find it cumbersome to go back and re-type my values over and over so I made a quick reference for those of you who might like that sort of thing. 


Click on the image to scroll through and happy type scaling!